A destination des diffuseurs : accueil du projet Yakode

I am Michele Bonifati, guitar player from Italy. I have been touring in France years ago with my band Clock’s Pointer Dance supported by JAZZ(s)RA within the Erasmus plus project.

I am applying for a grant from my city’s musical agency to support concerts abroad. I am now working with a duo of electronic music called Yakode, and I am booking concerts for this band in order to apply for this call. The grant is meant to support the realization of concerts to be performed abroad and would give us directly the funding, if we get to win, so the hosting venue would not have to pay either cachet or traveling costs. It would be great if we could get some accommodation from your side.

I will link the first EP of the duo. We would be glad if your venue could be interested in hosting a concert of ours.

The deadline for the application is September 18th.

Contact :
+39 3456053970